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Our vision

Our vision is that in the long-term, Wildlife Heritage Areas will be collectively run by the communities, charities, funders, and travel industry partners that engage with the programme. As co-founders, World Animal Protection and World Cetacean Alliance will provide initial technical and financial support and act as lead partners. During this period, other stakeholders interested in playing an important role will be identified as Supporters. 

As this ‘start-up’ period ends, all stakeholders will discuss how the programme could be run collaboratively to maximise the benefits to the wildlife and communities designated as Wildlife Heritage Areas. World Animal Protection and World Cetacean Alliance foresee reducing their rights and obligations as the operational model moves to one of joint control and envisage a model where all partners have equal and full roles on a programme management committee or similar, with decisions being taken together at all levels to deliver on the goals of Wildlife Heritage Areas and the Wildlife Heritage Network.

Research will be carried out in 2024 to identify the most efficient funding model, our vision being that multiple funding sources are raised to be redistributed to our partners, experts, and communities allowing the programme to be run efficiently.