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Why visit a Wildlife Heritage Area?

Wildlife Heritage Areas showcase responsible wildlife watching destinations offering authentic experiences that put wildlife and local communities first. To visit a Wildlife Heritage Area is to travel responsibly and support the communities that coexist with bears, whales, monkeys, turtles, penguins, and many more.

Experts and communities working together

Wildlife Heritage Areas are community-led and guided by a deep respect for both individual animals, species and ecosystems leading to improved welfare outcomes for all. By working in partnership with local people, charitable and responsible tourism experts, travellers will be able to discover destinations where local communities care for and protect the wildlife in their environment and support them through incredible tourism experiences that are sustainable in the long term.

Simple online application process

Prospective Wildlife Heritage Areas apply online through our website to become part of the Wildlife Heritage Network and complete their listing on our web platform.


Designation not certification

Wildlife Heritage Areas is not a certification scheme. Instead, we use simple, flexible, and holistic criteria to demonstrate rigour and continuous improvement. In addition, expert NGO partners support and guide communities towards outcomes that benefit people, place, and wildlife.


Designation process

Robust and transparent criteria guide the Wildlife Heritage Area designation process to demonstrate rigour and continuous improvement.