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Various whales have arrived in Dana Point already entangled, but the community has not been witness to a whale entanglement that originated in the area. The fact that the problem exists is a huge concern to the community and, to that end, they established Orange County’s large whale disentanglement team, in coordination with NOAA, that can respond when entangled animals are observed and also hosts training sessions for volunteers.

The community is also exploring various preventative solutions for the problem by locating options available internationally and presenting those to NOAA for testing and review. One of the board members serves on Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC), a NOAA agency, and reports to the Secretary of Commerce on all ocean issues, including endangered species protection.

Another board member has presented to the State Legislature on the status of the problem with possible solutions. That same board member has also invented a device to help track entangled whales faster and more accurately than the equipment currently being used and given that technology to NOAA.