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The Dana Point Whale Heritage Area steering committee has taken several actions to reduce plastic use and carbon emissions, including replacing single-use plastic water bottles with recyclable paper cartons, upgrading their vessels’ engines to “Tier 3” technologies where possible, campaigning to remove plastic waste and mylar balloons, and working with local partners to collect and recycle discarded fishing gear.

The local government has introduced the “Show Your LOVE” Dana Point initiative to encourage citizens to reduce litter and conserve resources in their community, and regular beach-clean activities are organised, including clean-ups by local non-profit Stand Up To Trash. The City of Dana Point has also multiple programs to monitor and improve its water quality, and also participates in a cooperative effort to test all beaches.

The Laguna Beach City Council approved a new law after environmentalists argued balloons are dangerous to sea life and the environment. Balloons are now prohibited on public property and can’t be sold, distributed or intentionally released into the air. In 2021, the council also banned single-use plastics in the city.

To continue in the education and implementation of the “Balloons Blow” program, whale watching vessels are making at least one balloon pick-up per trip, where possible.