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Conservation success

There has been significant interest in developing Marine Protected Areas and other designations in Golfo Dulce and the surrounding area for the benefit of cetaceans, biodiversity and habitat conservation.

By law, all Costa Rican waters are deemed a whale and dolphin sanctuary, and the area of Golfo Dulce has also been declared a Marine Area of Responsible Fishing. This designation, which effectively protects marine wildlife from commercial fishing and longline fishing within the gulf, was initiated through the local fishers’ association, demonstrating the fishing community’s interest in marine sustainability.

In 2023, Golfo Dulce was designated an Important Marine Mammal Area by the expert-based Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force, in connection with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), reflecting its significance as a habitat for cetaceans.

A significant area of Golfo Dulce was also declared an ‘’avoidance zone’ to greatly reduce the chances of collisions between shipping boats and cetaceans.