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Cultural heritage (new/ modern)

In September 2023, the first annual Whale Festival was held to celebrate cetaceans at Golfito. The events include live music by Costa Rican artists, food, and whale and dolphin decorations. Educational stands provided information, played recordings of whale song and dolphin clicks, and encouraged involvement in the planning of and family participation in future WHA activities.

Local artists such as Tony Reyman and Alejandra Rojas, as well as volunteers from a visiting student group, have painted various beautiful marine- and cetacean-themed murals around Golfo Dulce, which are a source of community pride and demonstrate the cultural significance of whales and dolphins in the area.

Free sound bathing events are offered to the community, which are focused on humpback whale song recordings made in Golfo Dulce. The Costa Rica singer and songwriter Maf E Tula has now held two free music workshops at the Golfito public library focused on humpback whale song and music. She also leads the live music event at the Whale Festival and is composing a song about Golfo Dulce to celebrate its designation as a Whale Heritage Area.

Photo: Tony Reyman mural