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Education and research

Throughout the year, education programmes, cetacean research and citizen science are carried out in the Golfo Dulce communities.

Free events are offered at the Golfito Public Library to foster an appreciation for the value and wonder of whales and dolphins. The format of these events is dynamic, incorporating slide presentations, discussions, art projects, book readings, music, and/or games. Some examples of events include book readings by author-biologist Brooke Bessesen, a student dorsal fin ID art workshop for students, and a whale song musical presentation.

Cetacean research is carried out by representatives from CEIC, Osa Ecology, and Changing Tide Tours, with occasional studies by independent researcher Brooke Bessesen. Study topics range from distribution and behaviour, acoustic research, population dynamics of the resident dolphins, health checks for resident and transient dolphin populations, and photo-identification to update the ID catalogue.