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Green Buffer of Gunung Leuser For several years we have been working in agreements with the local community of the Karo ethnic group, this ethnic group is one of the oldest which maintains all its knowledge in matters such as traditional medicine based on plants and roots. In ancient times they were forest dwellers and animists, later after colonization they became Christians. Their mix between their true culture and Christianity makes them strong and rooted in their ancestors. Our work focuses on children's education for the environment, sustainable rural development in our fight against palm oil and the balance between fauna and residents. Our local partner works alongside us with great knowledge of the Sumatran tiger and its conservation. He deals with the residents and people responsible for the towns in the search for agreements that, through management and economic development, help understand the value of their ecosystem. Together with the forest police, the university and different government departments, we developed a strategic plan to control poachers and deforestation. In the long term and with firm objectives, we are finding more and more support in the community for activities that generate a sustainable economy that is respectful of its ecosystem.