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Gunung leuser Orangutan Heritage Area
Gunung leuser

Gunung leuser Orangutan Heritage Area


Guided wildlife walks


The karst forest in Batu Katak is the home of wildlife such as orangutan, tiger, sunbear, hornbill, slow lorys, many insects, reptiles and amphibians, and also amorphophalus titanium. It is a part of the last green buffer in the border of Gunung Leuser National Park in Bahorok District. The population of this area is a small community. This is the home of The Karo, or Karonese people, most of whom rely on local sustainable resources for their own livelihoods. There is a program for Ecotourism activities in the forest to see the wildlife and flowers. A local NGO focuses on nature conservation, education, habitat restoration and sustainable livelihood development.


We are an NGO focusing on protecting this area, working together with the local community and the National Park.

Boundary Map

    Species or habitats

    This incredible area is one of the few pristine areas that exist outside the National Park. It is home to critically endangered endemic species such as the Sumatran Orangutan and the Tiger, as well as the Siamang and White-handed Gibbons. It is also home to Hornbills, slow loris and Amorphophalus Titanium, the largest flower in the world. 

    Area Features

    Pongo Abelii - Species


    Decline Misuse of surrounding production lands, expansion of unsustainable palm oil During recent years, the misuse of the forest, with illegal hunting and the felling of trees for wood, created a decrease in the population of this species, among others.


    The lack of food illegal hunting The lack of other individuals to reproduce

    Actions taken for protection

    Planting native fruit trees that provide them with food. Reforestation of the native forest Education of the local population Sustainable agricultural development

    Community Importance

    This endemic species is essential in the forest due to its importance in the ecosystem, being one of the Apes most at risk.

    Wildlife Watching Guidelines

    Monitoring them in the field

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    Fact 2

    Fact 3


    1. Cultural Importance Of Wildlife

    Wild Orangutan at Gunung leuser national park Agroforestry program focus in farmer,s for conflict resolution with wildlife Wild elephant rescue from farmerĀ“s conflict Monitoring program for wildlife in Batu katak Ethical trekking in Batu Katak at the edge of Gunung Leuser Sustainable palm sugar production volunteers program in Batu Katak USU students from north sumatra university our partners Weekend campsite for USU students in our conservation area Gibbons rescue program in collaboration with our local partner Panut from OIC Agreetment with north sumatra university USU Agreetment with north sumatra university USU Our partners the Police rangers fron national park monitoring tiger tracks agreetment with the local chief who own the community and landscape of our work area

    Management Plan

    Management Plan File


      Gunung leuser Orangutan Heritage Area
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      Gunung leuser
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