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Koo Nu's story

Koo Nu returned to his village to settle down with his wife and applied to begin apprenticing as a mahout with the foundation. As his skills have grown, so has his passion for elephant care, conservation, and youth empowerment. Koo Nu came to our leadership team with a dream of starting a mentorship program to provide opportunities for other young people like himself who may not have elephants of their own to learn about taking care of elephants and spend time immersed in the world of forest conservation. Thanks to the breadth of skill in the foundation team, we formulated a plan together with Koo Nu to train him in

project development and management and are working with him to plan, design, document, and raise funds for his mentorship program. Cultivating the talents and creating opportunities for skill development and leadership for young people like Koo Nu is just one of the incredible downstream effects of the foundation's work.