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Cultural heritage (new/ modern)

Apart from the exhibits at the Madeira Whale Museum, the presence of cetaceans in the region is demonstrated in urban art pieces around the island, including the well-known baleen whale mural in the capital Funchal by artist Marcos Milewski and the colourful pilot whale mural in Calheta, a collaborative piece by artist Piera Mattioli and the local community in the district. Other famous street art works in Madeira include the Mediterranean monk seal piece in Camara de Lobos and the grouper in Funchal by artist Bordalo II, who creates his pieces using plastic and metal waste. The Art Caravel centre in Funchal also hosts a variety of art pieces, with several originating from sustainability projects, including the art piece “Hope” by artist Nice dedicated to life in the deep sea, an important marine habitat for several cetacean species in Madeira. This work of art was created as part of an awareness and petition signing event by SOA hub Ocean Devotion promoting their campaign against deep sea mining in Madeira.