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Education and research

One of Madeira’s most iconic educational initiatives about cetaceans is the Madeira Whale Museum (Museu da Baleia da Madeira) in Caniçal. While acting as a testimony to Madeira’s whaling history and the region’s transition to protecting cetaceans, the museum also accommodates a scientific department conducting research on cetacean ecology in the Macaronesian region and the region's cetacean stranding network. The museum seeks to spread awareness of the region's cetacean populations through various exhibitions and workshops.

MARE-Madeira, another research organisation on the island, presents its ongoing research projects on cetaceans to the local public through photo exhibitions in several locations, as well as lectures in primary and secondary schools.

Several schools in Madeira are now “Blue Schools”, meaning they have adopted the nationwide “Escola Azul” educational programme. The programme is an initiative of the Portuguese Ministry of Economy and Maritime affairs and aims to improve ocean literacy in schools. The multidisciplinary programme relies on collaboration between several member entities, including schools, the maritime sector, municipalities, NGOs or hubs like Ocean Devotion Madeira. The programme’s aim is to guide students and create a united community of responsible and active generations that contribute to ocean sustainability.