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Jaguar Expedition

Although Jaguars are the subject of huge interest, admiration and are part of the cultures of indigenous and riverside peoples, they are also considered a threat to the lives of people and livestock.

Jaguars are also of interest for science. Researchers from the Mamirau√° Institute have been studying this species, seeking to learn more about its behavior, diet, population and density. One of the studies uses radio collars on some individuals to help understand how the animals move around the Reserve, with survival techniques of specific interest during the flood period.

Tourists who visit Uakari Lodge are also very interested in Jaguars and seeing a wild Jaguar is top of the agenda for all visitors. As a result, a tourist package has been created at Uakari Lodge called "Jaguar Expedition", in which a few small groups each year look for Jaguars with collars, together with researchers, able to learn more about the species. The idea of reducing conflict with people is at the heart of the Jaguar Expedition and because half of the resources derived from tourism are destined for communities, this shows that a live Jaguar is worth much more than a dead Jaguar.