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Wildlife-friendly infrastructure

In 2020, the Condor Express was re-powered with four new engines, making it faster and more efficient. Specifically designed with wildlife in mind, there are no propellers or sharp rudders underneath the boat, making it completely whale and dolphin safe.

Island Packers has always strived for the highest environmental standards across their entire operation. Their 3 larger vessels are fuel efficient and create less emissions than other similarly sized vessels, while the 4th boat is powered by the latest in electronically controlled diesel engines.

Santa Barbara Landing pledges to maintain sustainable practices among the fleets, prioritising conservation of the oceans and land. They have repowered three of their five vessels to EPA tier 3 marine engines. They were the first sportfishing boats and landing on the west coast to implement fishing line recycling receptacles.

The owners of Rincon Brewery have strong ties to the ocean and the Santa Barbara Channel. Their 3 restaurants along the coast of the Santa Barbara Channel are Ocean Friendly Certified with Surfrider. The requirements to be certified are in alignment with the brand and the goal of having their restaurants achieve the lightest environmental footprint.