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To combat the issue of plastic pollution, one of the projects at WILDTRUST is focussed on the removal of waste from ecologically important areas such as beaches and the Durban port. WILDTRUST started work in the port in 2017, collecting waste from the beaches and waterways coming into the port, and has collected and recycled more than 96,000 kgs of waste to date. All of the collected waste is monitored and tracked to help improve understanding of the movement of waste in the port.

The  WILDOCEANS Blue Port project aims to clean and restore the Durban port ecosystem through engagement and collaboration with the port’s wider stakeholder community. This multi-disciplinary project will develop a socio-ecological model that considers the complexity of the social, ecological and governance systems, and guides the activities of numerous stakeholders to transform the Durban Bay from a degraded environment towards a restored and regenerative, productive state.

This initiative has already enabled capacity-building, work experience and the acquisition of new skills for over 50 unemployed local youngsters whilst raising awareness of the environmental challenges.