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Each member of the Wildlife Heritage Network adheres to the following Guiding Principles, demonstrating their commitment to making the world a better place for people, wildlife, and the places they both call home. Joining the Wildlife Heritage Network offers members the opportunity to strengthen their commitment to these principles by accessing the latest science-based guidance, expert advice, collaborative opportunities, and local understanding.

As a Network Member I/we will:

Help turn the tide on biodiversity loss and the climate crisis

Members recognise and are guided by the urgent need to turn the tide on biodiversity loss and the climate crisis across all Wildlife Heritage Areas and beyond. They understand that this is critical to sustain life on Earth because we are all interconnected. Each member uses their network connections to seek new and innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions and protect and regenerate biodiversity.

Have a zero tolerance for wildlife suffering in tourism

Each member has a zero tolerance approach to human-caused wildlife suffering and exploitation through irresponsible tourism. Members utilise the latest wildlife watching guidelines and learn from location- and species-specific experts delivering responsible wildlife tourism experiences. Tourism members have clear public facing policies that forbid the sale, promotion or celebration of cruel wild or captive wildlife tourism experiences or trade.

Support and celebrate local solutions

Each member believes in the power of local, grassroots solutions to curb the biodiversity and climate crisis and prevent animal cruelty. Recognising the rights of local people to protect and care for wildlife and habitats, network members harness the power and influence of the network to provide financial and technical support where it is most needed.

Respect traditional knowledge and academic research

Each member recognises the importance of traditional wisdom and modern day science in combating biodiversity loss, climate change, and human-caused wildlife suffering. Through cooperation, network members help each other to forge a more peaceful co-existence with nature.

Value our cultural heritage linked to wildlife

Members recognise the power of human cultures that celebrate wildlife, igniting passion, and driving meaningful change for people and nature. Members promote success stories and best practice examples within and outside the network to accelerate this change.

Show a willingness to collaborate

Each member aspires to play a leading role, inspire others, and believes that we can only achieve radical positive change in our relationship with nature through collaboration. Members commit to sharing knowledge and welcome open and honest dialogue to achieve better outcomes for wildlife and people across all Wildlife Heritage Areas and beyond.