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The Wildlife Heritage Area programme is built on collaborative principles, bringing together communities, organisations, and businesses eager to drive positive change for people and wildlife. At the heart of this ethos is the Wildlife Heritage Network, which welcomes wildlife NGOs, travel businesses, and storytellers to join to learn, share and inspire one another. 

Wildlife Heritage Area benefits:

  • Be part of a global community championing responsible tourism, animal welfare, wildlife conservation, community well-being and sustainability
  • Access world-leading expertise on responsible wildlife watching
  • Connect with local communities successfully protecting precious species and habitats
  • Discover places that offer a deeper connection for travellers that love wildlife
  • Join a movement that believes that grass-roots communities hold the key to protecting biodiversity across the world
  • Access support and advice from communities, travel businesses, and NGOs as we work collaboratively to regenerate the natural world
  • Discover how nature and culture combine to reveal the most enriching holiday experiences in places with long-term sustainable solutions for people and planet
  • Connect with storytellers that share your mission and vision